Looking To Rent An Electric Van In Singapore?

An electric van works similar to other electric vehicles.
It’s powered by an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine, running on fossil fuels.

Electric vans rely entirely on the energy supply stored in the battery pack.

Electric vans must be recharged at a plugging station when the energy source is depleted.
This differs from a combustion engine, which must be refuelled at a servicing station with diesel or petrol.

If you need to lease or rent an electric van in Singapore, Hong Seh Leasing offers 100% commercial electric vans.
We offer dozens of options from top electric vehicle manufacturers, such as BYD and DFSK, in Singapore.

Reasons To Rent An Electric Van In Singapore

Electric Vehicles (EV) or an electric van in Singapore runs on 100% electricity & produces no emission.
Making it easy to maintain without the hassle that comes with a traditional combustion engine.

As part of Singapore Green Plan to build 60,000 public charging stations by 2030,
you can charge your vehicle with ease and save on fuel cost.

Enjoy better government rebates & incentives such as the Commercial Vehicles Emissions Scheme (CVES) when you switch to one today. In addition, Hong Seh’s electric vans for lease in Singapore are also designed to provide you with a greener alternative to getting around the city.

Here are some more reasons why you should lease an electric van from us: 

Future Proofing & Tax Credits

Lower Business risk & future-proof operations. Singapore is one city that offers tax credits and other incentives for driving an electric vehicle. If you lease an electric van from a reputable leasing company, you have the option of owning it. Then, you can benefit from Singapore's EV and EV charging incentives and road tax reductions.


Cost-Effective (Cost per mile of electricity cheaper than diesel alternatives)

Unlike their diesel counterparts, electric vans in Singapore are affordable to run. You'll make less frequent trips to a petrol station to refuel the engine. Gas prices are at an all-time high. The fuel savings will ultimately help you budget for other daily expenses.

Cheaper Maintenance


An all-electric van will generally require less maintenance than conventional vehicles. This is due to its fewer moving parts, placing lesser strain on brakes. Further, the battery, motor, and other in-built electronics are not prone to heavy wear and tear.

Easy To Drive

Easy To Drive (Silent electric motors deliver instant torque)

Contrary to popular belief, an electric van can produce the same power output as a conventional car. Its electric motors, although silent, can produce instantaneous torque, allowing you to drive at high speeds. Getting from one place to another is much easier and faster, thanks to its powerful acceleration and simple driving mechanics.

Easy To Drive

Eco-Friendliness (Reduce your carbon footprint with zero tailpipe emissions)

Driving a leased electric lorry or van in Singapore is eco-friendlier than driving a vehicle that runs on fossil fuels. This is because the oil refinery process for fossil fuels produces harmful air pollutants and high carbon emissions. Meanwhile, electric vehicle production relies on electricity, which can come from renewable energy sources.

Cost Comparison For Electric Van/Lorry Rental In Singapore

Why Lease An Electric Van Or Lorry?

Enhanced Liquidity

Enhanced Liquidity

Time Saving

Time Saving



Cost Saving

Cost Saving

Hidden Liability

Hidden Liability



Choose a Leasing Package

Our EV Brand Partners


Key features of DSFK EC35

4.8m³ loading space

1,100kg payload

280km Driving range per full charge

Rotary Shift Gear with parking sensor

ABS and pedestrian detection system

Key features of DSFK EC31

6.8m³ loading space

1,280kg payload

Max mileage of up to 280km

Rotary Shift Gear  with parking sensor

ABS and pedestrian detection system


Key features of BYD T3

Fast charging from 0-80% in 60mins

High payload of 780kg

Up to 280 km on a single charge

100% Electric

Find Electric Vans For Lease Only From Hong Seh Leasing!

Hong Seh Leasing has four decades of experience in automotive rentals and leasing. 

Our Lease-To-Own packages for cars and commercial electric vans in Singapore are flexible,
allowing you to budget more easily for monthly repayments.

Hong Seh Leasing is Singapore’s sole distributor for DFSK electric vans for rent. We also offer some of the most value-for-money car leasing packages for BMW, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and other car brands.

Contact us for more information, and we’ll help you pick the right vehicle for your needs.

About Hong Seh Electric Vans Leasing/Rental In Singapore

Hong Seh Leasing has 40 years of experience in the automotive industry,
offering comprehensive long-term leasing & Lease To Own programs for commercial and passenger vehicles.

We are the sole distributor for DSFK in Singapore introducing 100% electric commercial vehicles to the market.

Hong Seh Leasing is affiliated to Hong Seh Motors, under the Hong Seh Group of companies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Van Rental In Singapore

Yes. Hong Seh Leasing is a car leasing and rental company in Singapore, offering hybrid and electric vehicles for rent.

Yes. Electric vans are much cheaper to run compared to diesel engines. This is because electricity has a much lower cost per kilometre.

Electric vans can travel 160 to 350 kilometres before recharging.

An electric van will take anywhere between 2 and 12 hours before it’s fully charged. It depends on the charge point’s power output and the battery capacity.

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