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Car shoppers are often faced with the dilemma of financing or leasing a car. They usually fall prey to the belief that either option is better than the other. But in reality, leasing and financing are two wholly different options.

So if you’ve chosen to lease a Lexus in Singapore, you’ve probably weighed out all your options. Leasing a Lexus likely fits your lifestyle and transport needs.

Why Lease A Lexus In Singapore?

Lexus graced the automotive world stage in 1989 with the launch of its two classic sedans, the LS 400 and ES 250. 

Marketed as a Luxury car brand, Lexus quickly became an instant classic, with its top-of-the-line cars, not to mention exceptional personalised service.

Setting the standard for carmakers all over the globe, it didn’t take long before Lexus became a household name. 

They are credited as the first import luxury car brand to sell well over 200,000 vehicles in just a single month.

Today, Lexus cars in Singapore remain popular amongst car enthusiasts. It’s one of the best-selling car brands, alongside Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW. Two of its most beloved Sedans among Singaporeans are the LS and GS models.

With spacious cabins, high-end features, and an overall luxurious feel, it’s no surprise many are opting to lease a Lexus in Singapore.

Whether you want a chance to drive a luxury car daily or add a new luxury vehicle to your collection, Lexus leasing in Singapore can easily fit your bill.

Benefits Of Leasing A Lexus Car In Singapore

If you’re planning to lease a Lexus, you’re definitely eyeing a luxury vehicle — and we all know buying a brand new one can burn a hole through your wallet.

As such, many authorised dealerships and leasing companies began offering Lexus leasing in Singapore.

Upfront, Lexus cars can cost anywhere between $220,000 and $500,000 (in SGD). Unless you’re a multi-millionaire, you won’t have that money upfront. 

Leasing a Lexus is the next best option, especially when partnering with a car leasing company like Hong Seh Leasing.

Unlimited Mileage

When you lease a Lexus in Singapore from us, there is no limit to how far you can drive the vehicle after the lease term ends. 

Hong Seh Leasing offers unlimited mileage for its luxury vehicles, giving you more opportunities to take your Lexus out for more than just a spin.

This spells good news for you, especially if you live a busy life. A leased Lexus car is a dependable option for day-to-day activities, be it running errands, reporting to the office, etc.

High Resale Value

Contrary to popular belief, you can own a leased Lexus car. How? Through lease-to-own arrangements. You can drive and make monthly payments on a lease-to-own car. The vehicle is yours immediately after your leasing plan ends.

Then, it’s all fair game from there. You can choose to keep or resell the Lexus for profit. Many Lexus models, like the GS and SUVs, have considerably high resale value, especially if the vehicle is in near-perfect condition.

Access To High-End Features

Lexus sedans are equipped with some of the most high-end features in the world. As such, leasing Lexus cars allows you to experience high-performance, precise handling and power all-in-one.

Lower Upfront Costs Than Financing

Leasing a Lexus in Singapore is more cost-effective, thanks to the lower upfront costs. 

Whereas financing a vehicle will require you to pay upwards of 30% in downpayment, you’ll need to pay only 10% of its Original Market Value (OMV) with leasing.


Let’s face it: buying a car in Singapore is expensive, and that’s an understatement. Car owners understand how much money it takes before you can comfortably drive a personal vehicle in the city.

Aside from the purchasing price, you’ll also be burdened with registering the vehicle, renewing the COE, and paying the road tax, motor insurance, and other fees.

But, leasing is a much more hassle-free and convenient choice. Our specialists here at Hong Seh Leasing will complete the legwork for you. There is no need to keep track of COE bidding periods or figure out how much road tax to pay. We’ve got all the paperwork covered in our Comprehensive Leasing Plan.

Variety Of Options

Just because you’ve already leased a Lexus from us doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the vehicle. 

After your lease term ends, you can buy the car, transfer the lease, or upgrade it to a newer or different model.

Your needs are ever-changing. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one vehicle. Make the most of your Lexus experience by choosing from different models available in our selection.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Hong Seh Leasing provides 24/7 roadside assistance for Lexus, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and other vehicles. 

In the event you encounter issues, such as emergency lockouts, flat tyres, or a stalled vehicle, call us at (65) 6338 8444 / 8233 6508 , and we’ll send a team of specialists to assist you.

Hong Seh has been offering a range of car rental and leasing services for over four decades. Since then, we’ve established ourselves as a reputable automotive industry leader for the top car brands in the market.

Contact us for more information or view our other available vehicles for lease.

Some of the Best Lexus Models in Singapore

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Terms & Conditions

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  • Specifications, prices and delivery dates are subject to change without prior notice in accordance with Tesla Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lexus Leasing

Leasing a car will just as quickly help you build your credit score as you would when loaning/financing.

Here are the benefits of leasing a car:

• Lower monthly dues
• Minimal repair costs
Upgrade your vehicle
A wide array of cars to choose from
Option to purchase the car after the lease term

The 2021 Lexus UX is one of the more affordable luxury SUV options. Opt for leasing if you want a chance at driving a brand-new Lexus.

Yes. The Toyota Motor Corporation owns Lexus, with its headquarters in Japan. Its car manufacturing operations were initially restricted to Japan until 2003, when Lexus began manufacturing the RX 330 in Ontario, Canada.

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